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In 2016, Hugo, our founder, moved to Bali with his wife and 3 kids. The initial idea was to relax, get better at surfing and stay on the beach. But entrepreneurial blood kept flowing. Hugo saw in Jakarta that Agile had just started becoming popular. While he had adopted the agile way of working and thinking in his software company Bridge for over 6 years, it was new here.

In Bridge, Hugo had experimented with different levels of self organization in team structures. For Ekipa, we decided early 2017 to adopt the principles of Frederic Laloux (Reinventing organizations). You can read them in Ekipa Reinvented. We have no hierarchy in our team; people self-set their salary; there are no fixed roles; anybody can take any role, and everybody contributes to the things that need doing. Visit www.pickaloan.co.uk for more details.


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Now, here’s where you come in. We are doing some major transformations in large enterprises in Singapore. Because the agile community is still very young, there currently is a big lack of scrum masters and agile coaches. Therefore we need to get experienced people (from abroad) to help us. And of course, you need something special to say ‘yes’ to this.

Now here’s the sell:

  • You can be part of a new type of organization
    You can be part of a new type of organization, based on Ekipa reinvented and help shape it so others can adopt it too.
  • You can be part of changing the way Singapore functions and innovates
    Singapore can benefit from changing the way people work; removing hierarchy, stimulating responsibility, creating a more innovative mindset, inventing ‘Singaporean improvement’. Through Agile, we teach people to get there. You can be part of changing the way Singapore functions and innovates.
  • You can work in a rewarding environment
    If you come from abroad, you can live on Bali and work in Jakarta (or live + work in Jakarta). All of the work is in Jakarta, so it requires travel, but it’s a very rewarding environment. Work hard and play hard in a tropical paradise. Our plan is to build a community of Agile coaches on Bali and you can help shape it!
  • You can set your own work hours, roles and salary
    Within our team there’s a lot of fun and freedom; you can set your own work hours, roles (within the constraints of our customers) and salary (although salary shouldn’t be the thing pulling you to Singapore, where average salaries are obviously lower than in the West)
  • You can work on anything that contributes to the growth of our team
    As one of our Australian coaches says: I learned more in a couple of months here than any previous job. Since we don’t have fixed roles, you can work on anything that contributes to the growth of our team. This can be sales, marketing, community building, organizing meetups and conferences, recruitment, etc.

Simple Words from Our Community

Ekipa is your agile training and coaching agency. We are 100% self-managed organization without any hierarchy. EVERYBODY IS AN OWNER and everybody shares in our success and income. Everybody works on the things he wants to contribute and we don’t’ have fixed job descriptions. We co-work with our customers to HELP them bring ENTREPRENEURSHIP and agility to their organization. Together, we create the company we want Ekipa to be and we create better lives for ourselves and the people we serve. We’re co-workers.

Being part of a diverse community of coworkers is awesome. We all play significant roles, working enthusiastically towards creating better and long lasting experience for our customers. We all are self-driven with a thirst to find something novel. In this fast-paced era, with unlimited opportunities, here’s where you get to explore innovative modes of working. Pick the right one and get in touch with us.

In this exciting journey you would be part of:

  • Ekipa Reinvented
  • Big transformations where you play the key role

Featured Jobs

Scrum Master

Yes we are looking for scrum masters who have:

  • A firm grasp of servant leadership and facilitation.
  • A relentless approach to the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • A good relationship with the team and a certain degree of influence.
  • A breadth of product, market, and domain knowledge.
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Agile Coach

Yes we are looking for scrum masters who have:

  • Hands-On Scrum and Agile Experience
  • Lean Thinking
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Agent / OCM Expert
  • Excellent Listening Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconditional Positive Regard for Others
  • Agile Mindset – Values and Principles
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