Breaking Down Walls To Foster Agility

During 2020, I’ve been engaged in several larger transformations in Indonesia. Most companies focus on creating digital innovation. To achieve this, they create new ways of working and structures to become more agile. Agile is the ‘engine’ to create new products or services. One of the biggest challenges I see in all these transformations is […]

How to get started on your Agile Transformation journey with Ekipa Consultancy Malaysia

Agile Transformation journey with Ekipa Consultancy

Gretel: Good Morning, or Good Afternoon to you depending on when you are watching this, thank you for joining us – I’d like to start with an Introduction to some of the EKIPA Consultancy team today. I am Gretel Darby an Agile Consultant and also the lead for our Marketing & Events squad at Ekipa […]

3 Major Mind Shifts During COVID-19 That Drive Innovation

If you rewind to the start of 2020, did you imagine having to talk to people behind masks and face screens, being afraid to be in touch with the world? Or being confined at home while seeing the rising number of people losing their income or even loved ones, over a virus? I certainly didn’t. […]

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