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Agile & Kanban Applied

This entry-level program introduces Agile principles and practices that can easily be applied to “business-as-usual” operational work, in an interactive, highly experiential format. It will enable you to understand the differences between planning and doing work using iterative methods vs continuous methods. You will also be able to realise the benefits of adopting the popular Kanban framework over traditional methodologies, for visualising, managing and improving processes and identifying value streams within your organisation.

Course Duration

  • 2 Days

Learning outcomes

  • Understand Agile principles and the practices of popular Agile frameworks
  • Identify the benefits of adopting an Agile framework compared with traditional methodologies
  • Apply selection criteria to choose the most suitable agile framework, based on the nature of your work
  • An awareness of the challenges of using Agile frameworks
  • Understand and apply the four principles of Kanban
  • Practice building Kanban boards to visualise processes
  • Identify and apply improvements to processes
  • Understand and apply lean thinking to your processes
  • Understand and practice Agile rituals such as Stand-ups, retrospectives and planning
  • (Optional) Prepare for, and obtain the Approved Kanban Professional (™) Certification

Intended Audience

  • Team members
  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • Other stakeholders/participants in the value stream

Training Format

  • Instructor-led, face to face, (or interactive online) with facilitation of content, discussions and case study exercises

Entry requirements

  • None

Optimum class size

  • 12 to 24 participants

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