Teams in the 21st Century: Why agile?

We’re on a journey to touch 1.000.000 people with the agile ‘spark’.
Ekipa brings the ‘Agile Spark’ to the corporate ecosystems of our clients. We spark three things:

  • Self-organization. Everyone knows how to set the right priorities and can work without a boss. We coach people to get there
  • Entrepreneurship. Fixing stuff, making the world a better place, breaking rules, doing what nobody else is doing. That’s what we do and teach.
  • A balanced workplace. We set high standards, deliver quality and push ourselves. And we also value working smarter, not harder. Let others say they’re busy.

Ekipa is a leading end-to-end Agile Innovation Consultancy. We exist to help our clients adopt agile practices and new ways of working, leading to better business outcomes for them, and we also help them to innovate, and create a sense of entrepreneurism with their organisational cultures.

Ekipa’s team, located across the South-East Asian region, is multi-disciplinary and diverse.

We believe today’s value creation is about breaking the rules of the game. Technology enables startups to disrupt any industry. Young entrepreneurial people see opportunities and go out to realize them. Enterprises have all the money, resources and market to do the same. Our programs foster intrapreneurs to go out and launch the winning products of the future inside their enterprises.

Learn more about about we work in Agile ways ourselves – Ekipa Reinvented

We support you with

Ekipa DNA

The DNA of Ekipa is built on the following characteristics:

Meet Our AWESOME Team

Paul Hutton
Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Paul has more than 20 year’s experience in the field of organizational change, in the area of Product Development and Process Improvement.

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Hugo Messer

As an agile entrepreneur Hugo Messer has been building and managing agile teams around the world for over 10 years.

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Nidhi Chopra
Agile Coach

Nidhi is a seasoned Agile Consultant with extensive experience in helping senior executives and leadership teams with their transformation journey across the organisation.

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Gretel Darby Agile Consultant Ekipa Malaysia

Gretel Darby Hill
Agile Consultant

Gretel is a certified and experienced Agile practitioner.
She enjoys bringing diverse teams together to
continuously deliver better in complex environments.

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Antony Marsh
Executive Agile and Lean Coach

Antony is a highly experienced agile coach in the areas of agile coaching, agile leadership and agile product management. His focusing on leading and improving agile practices throughout the enterprise

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