“At its root, Scrum is based on a simple idea: whenever you start a project, why not regularly check in, see if what you’re doing is heading in the right direction, and if it’s actually what people want? And question whether there are any ways to improve how you’re doing what you’re doing, any ways of doing it better and faster, and what might be keeping you from doing that”

– Jeff Sutherland


Teams in the 21st Century: Why agile?

We believe that today’s fast-paced business world is based on knowledge, innovation and education. The core value creation of each organization is rooted in their teams, ideas and products. In factories, individuals made ‘pins’. In today’s service economy, teams outsmart individuals. The core ingredients for a successful company in the 21st century are smart teams that work together smoothly and create synergies. Teams that inspire and push the team members to transcend their limitations and deliver the best product possible.

We believe agile means ‘flexibility’. Every company has unique challenges and strengths. There is no one magic ‘formula’ for team management or agile transformation. Successful team management is rooted in your company culture and mindset. When you start improving communication, transparency, empowerment and compassion your team will automatically become smarter, faster and more innovative. Your teams will develop the flexibility to adapt in an environment of constant changes in markets, customer behavior and technology. Becoming agile means becoming flexible to thrive in whatever circumstances are given to you. Team management is a combination of clearly defined desired behaviors, lean standard procedures and open communication for you, your team and your organization.

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Meet Our AWESOME Team

Paul Hutton
Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Paul Hutton, a freelance consultant and training facilitator, has extensive experience as a catalyst for organizational transformation, within numerous leading global organisations.

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Hugo Messer

As an agile entrepreneur Hugo Messer has been building and managing agile teams around the world for over 10 years.

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Nicola Stephens

Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile coach with 18 years of IT experience. 13 years project management experience and 8 years working with agile methodologies in multiple technologies, products and industries

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Wahid Nurdin
CEO & Co-Founder

Wahid has more than 9 years experience in the IT world and has journeyed from being a system administrator, programmer, project manager, Scrum Master and now to Agile coach. He has a excellent technical understanding of IT and software, but is also strongly focused on business outcomes and the human side of Agile.

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Taju Joseph
Agile Coach

10+ Yeas of Experience in Business Analysis, Presales, Agile Product Ownership, Scrum Master

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Naveen Kumar Singh

Naveen is a Professional Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) having 20 years of experience in software development and have worked with many organizations and on multiple technology stacks including .Net/C#, Java, Ruby, Python and JavaScript etc.

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Micheal Ong

Michael is coaching product teams on product Management, user experience & agility. He is using what he’s learned over the last 16 years in technology, user experience design and product management towards mentoring individuals and coaching teams / companies.

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Ugeng Wijaya
Scrum Master

Certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I, Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) I , Certified Indonesia Scrum Master (ISM) I ( Get record 100% of Score).

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